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About Diabetes Compass

About Dianne K. Lehman

Our Mission

Our mission at Diabetes Compass is to promote the health of Canadians through integrated media: radio, print and beyond. We will continue to educate, inform and inspire Canadians and others to live well and avoid diabetes health risks.

About Diabetes Compass

Our Focus

Diabetes Compass is committed to raising public awareness about diabetes through a full range of quality diabetes health information. Our company was formed to create a dialogue between healthcare providers, non-profit organizations, employers, people with diabetes and people at risk of developing diabetes. Diabetes Compass works closely with several leading organizations who are dedicated to diabetes education and finding the cure.

Diabetes is a very serious public health problem. It affects thousands of Albertans and millions of Canadians. Type 2 diabetes has reached epidemic levels. More than 300 people living in the Edmonton region are diagnosed with diabetes each month. Many others are unaware that they too, have (undiagnosed) Type 2 diabetes. Obesity and Type 1 diabetes are also main focal issues of the program because of common topics of interest and concern.

Diabetes Compass works closely with several organizations who are dedicated to diabetes education and finding the cure.

Our History

Diabetes Compass was established in 2004 by Dianne Lehman. Dianne suddenly realized the scope and seriousness of the diabetes impact upon her community and set her sights on deterring this silent epidemic. She began by publishing Diabetes Compass magazine and magazine feature which focused on local diabetes health resource information and education in the greater Edmonton area. Diabetes awareness, prevention and educational information are now in the hands of health-conscious citizens.

Dianne K. Lehman
Executive Producer, Director
Diabetes Compass